Future Mid-week Bible Study

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We will continue with the study of the “end times.” We boldly confess that “we don’t know the future, but we do know who holds the future.” Still, do we know how this applies to the time when Jesus will return? Come and see what this means and the comfort it offers. Topics for this class will include: The Future …

Future Christian Education

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Our study is based on the book “God: The Ultimate Humanitarian” by Mark J. Cares. It was written as a tool by which we can share our faith with those who do not know the truth about God. The main focus is on God’s undeserved love displayed in the Old Testament and proclaimed in the New Testament through Jesus Christ. …

Mid-week Bible Study

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We are studying the Book of James. It is rightly called a book on sanctification, or how a believer lives their life set apart for God’s holy purpose and his glory. The study will concentrate on our living faith attested to by works and evidenced by our conduct. In these difficult days, such lessons are very appropriate. Come and learn …

Upcoming Mid-week Bible Study

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The study of the Epistle of James continues with an emphasis on wisdom, intelligence, and humility. We have just begun Chapter 4 but it is not too late to come and learn more about how we are to live our lives to the glory of God.